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Computer Repair Services by Cosmic Computers

We offer a range of computer repairs and upgrades. If you cannot find the service you require below, please get in touch. These are common issues we regularly carry out in a working week but this is far from a complete list.


Computers will become slow over time. We can give your computer an ‘MOT’ to make it run as smoothly and  fast as possible. We will also check that your system is secure and look for issues which may cause you problems in the future.

A very common yet ultimately frustrating problem, your computer won’t switch on or boot into the operating system, we can diagnose the fault and provide a solution.

Computer freezes or bsod (blue screen of death) can be caused by software issues, hardware conflicts or simply poor cooling leading to components overheating, We can help you with a solution to most issues.

A common problem with computers is hard drive failures. This can be a very worrying and frustrating time if lots of data and photographs are stored on your computer. We can replace or upgrade your hard drive with a standard hard drive or the newer, faster Solid State Drive.

Please make sure you keep regular backups of your personal data so that, if you do have a hard drive failure, all you data is safe. If you would like advise on backing up data please contact us.

The most common reason behind a noisy computer is simply dust, or failing cooling fan’s, we can provide a clean up service or advise what components need replacing.

There can be many reasons behind a corrupt display from GPU (Graphics processing unit) failure, damaged or broken cables, corrupted drivers, we can find the reason of the fault and provide you with a solution to fix your display issues.

Often a common problem in the summer time, an overheating computer can lead to poor performance, system crashes, shutdowns and even hardware failure. We can diagnose the cause of the overheating and provide a solution, from simple cleaning to water-cooling upgrades.

We regularly preform upgrades on computers from increasing the ram or hard drive to upgrading a DVD or Blue Ray drive.  Upgrades are usually carried out to increase the speed, storage or capability of the computer. If you would like an upgrade on your computer please contact us.

Many of us have seen an error message of one sort or another. Most error messages are nothing major but should be looked at just in case it is the start of a hardware or software failure.

Error messages can be alarming but we can get to the bottom of any error message and keep your computer running reliably and up to speed.

Many of us have had a virus or malware on our computer at some point. We can remove viruses and malware from your computer. We can also offer advice to reduce the risk in the future. We recommend you keep backups of content on your computer to make sure that your personal data is safe just in case you do get a virus.

If you are worried about the safety of your personal information or data we can recommend a security solution for you. There are many security options and there is no ‘one-fits-all’ solution. We can discuss your requirement and recommend a security plan that will meet your needs.

Occasionally software can stop working or develop problems. We can help you with a solution to most software issues. From corrupt programs to software compatibility.

Whether you are using Mac OS or Windows in one of the many available versions, from time to time you may need to re-install your main operating system or upgrade to a newer version. We can help and would always insure that all your data is backed up and safe before we start, so that if any problems arise during the procedure, then all your personal data is safe.

If you would like to replace your computer for a new one, we can help you chose a new one which is right for you.

If you store important documents or family photos on your computer you would be advised to back up your data on a regular basis. There are many options to backup such as cloud backup or backing up onto a CD, Memory Stick or an External Hard Drive. We can help you select the right solution for you.

If you are finding it hard to connect to the internet on your computer, there could be a problem with the computer itself or the router. We will be able to get you up and running.

If you require advice or help installing software, we can help you. We may be able to work remotely or we can come to your home or business address to install any type of software.

Whether you are trying to set up emails on your computer or have a problem because emails have stopped working, we can usually help with a speedy and effective solution.

Computers will become slow over time. We can give your computer an ‘MOT’ to make it run as smoothly and  fast as possible. We will also check that your system is secure and look for issues which may cause you problems in the future.

If you are just starting out with a computer or you would like to upgrade your current computer we can advise you on the best computer for you.

We are based in Bathampton near Bath. We cover all areas of Bath and within 15 mile radius. We can visit you at home, or you can deliver your laptop to our address in Bathampton. If you live further afield we can still come to you for an additional mileage charge. We are also able to offer a remote service if you download some software which will enable us to have a secure connection to your laptop. As another way to access our services you are more than welcome to post your laptop to us and we can send it back to you once it is repaired.